15 AUGUST 2020


Ruan and I met in Church, Ruan plays guitar in the church band and I do the multimedia for the church. We knew of each other and often saw each other when we were on duty together, but never had the opportunity to formally meet. We even held hands once before we met while praying in a group before a service, I still wondered to myself why he wasn't holding my hand a little bit tighter, and remembered how warm his hands were. Little did we know that would be the first hand hold of many :)

One Sunday morning after a service we happened to walk past each other , shyly greeted each other and then casually started talking. That broke the ice for us. We were both amazed at how casual, comfortable, easy and genuine that first conversation was that we had, it sparked a strong connection between us and it just felt so right. From there on it turned into coffee dates, heavy handed salted popcorn(Who knew the lid would fall off when spicing it) and slushie movie dates and lots of laughs all the time, especially with a funny character like Ruan and to me saying yes when Ruan asked me to be his girlfriend on the Big Wheel in the Waterfront on Valentines day 2016.

We started a strong friendship and just went along with the journey it took us to finding love in each other. After being together for 4 years now, we both strive to have our relationship remain Christ centred always, show grace for each other and love through it all. Best friends with a deep, genuine and strong love for each other on the most beautiful adventure together.


Floreal Brasserie, Marianne Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

With views over mountains and vineyards, we'll celebrate with top wines from the winery and a bespoke menu. The restaurant itself is a wooden cottage, surrounded by forests of poplar trees, gardens and a beautiful lake. 


A little note on Gifts 
With all that we have, we've been truly blessed.
Your presence and prayers are all that we request.
But if you desire to give nonetheless, monetary gift is one we suggest.

Please RSVP by 31 May 2020 with your song request
and any dietary requirements or allergies

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